Wrongly diagnosed or CBD Oil miracle


A loving husband, father and grandfather, Pete was active from a young age and in his mature years liked to walk at weekends.

Having problems with his stomach over a few weeks he decided to seek medical advice and after a few tests and scans, he was told he only had 12 months to live…

Pete’s family were shocked at this and was adamant for a second opinion, but as time wasn’t on his side his daughter recommended CBD Oil miracle cure as he had nothing to lose.

Taking 100% Hemp oil at night by a single drop under the tongue would give him a really deep sleep, reluctant to try it in the mornings just in case it made him drowsy.

After a week, Pete’s body got used to the powerful oil so increased it to a drop in the morning and then a few weeks later pushed it to 3 times a day.

So seeking a second opinion and taking biopisey samples were taken and a few days later the results were in.

Pete doesn’t have Cancer? really. well, this is what our other doctor told us and we only have 12 months… How could this be possible?

The family don’t care if it was a mistake or the magic CBD Oil, all that matters is that it’s gone so could it be that good or just a wrong diagnosis.

Pete will monitor his health going forward and hopefully will live a happy life.

Thanks again to the family for providing us with this story.



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